Safeguard your important inventory

Reclaim your office space

Looking for commercial storage in Chicago? You came to the right place! Our climate-controlled and secure storage facility is available for you to store your office boxes and other clutter. Our clients are in love with the all-inclusive storage that we provide whether they need to store the furniture, office supplies or just plain old stuff.

We believe all sorts of old clutter has a purpose to serve at some point. It all has a place, but it’s definitely outgrown its welcome in your office! You know you’ll eventually need those old records. That table. Those file cabinets. But they’re in the way now. MAC Relocations provides you quality commercial storage service in Chicago to help you make room.

That’s because MAC Relocations realizes that productivity starts with organization. And organization is possible when the boxes are out of your office. Let us take them off your hands and secure them in our enterprise storage warehouse facility so that when you’re ready to use them again, they’ll be at the ready.

Rest assured, MAC Relocations has the right commercial storage solution in Chicagoland

We know that you have a plethora of options when it comes to selecting a storage and moving service in Chicago, which is why we offer you the best commercial and enterprise storage solution in Chicagoland that is suited to your unique needs.

Is your company temporarily downsizing while most of your employees work from home? 

Make the right decision with your current assets.  MAC Relocations can store your excess furniture and provide the following:

-Provide an accurate inventory for your furniture assets

-Break down and pick up your furniture

-Store your furniture for as long as needed in our 250,000 sq ft warehouse

facility, conveniently located on the west side of Chicago

-Create a space plan for your new office space using your existing furniture

-Deliver & install your furniture when you are ready