Excess Inventory Storage 

Chicago Commercial Storage is the perfect choice for retail or eCommerce businesses who have excess inventory.  We offer short and long term solutions for your excess inventory storage giving you a cost-effective and secure location to place your valuable items.  Partner with Chicago Commercial Storage to handle your storage.

Why Store Excess Inventory

  • You Purchased in Bulk
  • You Have a Long-Term Client Who Purchases Sporadically
  • You Are Running Out of Room in Your Warehouse
  • You Did Not Get Access to an Amazon Warehouse
  • You HQ Is Not in Chicago but You Need An Area to Fulfill Midwest Orders From
  • One Of Your Store Locations is Closing and You Need A Place to Store Items While You Sell Through Them

Store Your Excess Inventory With Us

Don’t fill up your valuable warehouse space with inventory that may sit around for a long time.   We store by the pallet position and have thousands of positions available.  Lets talk storage today!