Wurkwel Ventures Acquires FurnitureFinders, Brings Innovation to Used Furniture Industry, Promotes Landfill Diversion Sustainability Practices

Wurkwel Ventures Acquires FurnitureFinders, Brings Innovation to Used Furniture Industry, Promotes Landfill Diversion Sustainability Practices

As part of larger industry sustainability mission, Mason Awtry, (a Crain’s Chicago Business Journal 2023 Notable Leader in Sustainability) leads the acquisition of online furniture marketplace 

A Brief Message from Mason Awtry, CEO and Founder of Wurkwel Ventures, parent company of Chicago Commercial Storage.

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CHICAGO, IL— Today, Wurkwel Ventures, a leading provider of sustainable office furniture solutions and services,announced the acquisition as a lead investor and principal owner of FurnitureFinders. FurnitureFinders is the Premier Office Furniture Marketplace and circular economy engine which empowers customers to do right for the environment while outfitting their office spaces and offers furniture dealers a platform to showcase and sell their sustainable pre-owned and refurbished inventories.

This acquisition represents continued alignment among a growing list of Wurkwel Ventures’ portfolio companies that focus on the larger mission to promote environmental consciousness and ensure positive impacts on climate change by enhancing the circular economy and sustainable practices in the office furniture industry. 

As part of this acquisition, Wurkwel Ventured plans to: 

  • Introduce “planet first” best practices that emphasize metrics for measuring sustainability, a clear strategy for implementation, and practical (and immediate) applications
  • Map out interactions to reduce potential unintended consequences of industry waste
  • Formulate company policies directed at promoting real-world, effective sustainable practices
  • Extend the used furniture product life cycle by: 
    • Positioning FurnitureFinders as the premier used office furniture marketplace. 
    • Expanding FurnitureFinders’ range of product offerings
    • Innovating and advancing the technology assets, software, and services to offer a more seamless and efficient customer experience.
    • Leveraging Wurkwel Ventures’ digital capabilities to expand reach, connectivity, and transactions. 

Mason Awtry, CEO and Founder of Wurkwel Ventures, said: “Sustainability and innovation go hand in hand. The key is to embrace the natural progression of disruption and change early.”

“As a whole, the used office furniture industry has a responsibility to embrace new practices that extend the life cycle of our products, expand landfill diversion practices, and innovate our e-commerce platform to meet the needs of today’s consumers.”

“Wurkwel is proud to be leading the way.”

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, more than 12 million tons of furniture are thrown out and brought to landfills every year.

On Monday, January 22nd, 2024, Mason Awtry announced the news of the acquisition alongside FurnitureFinders founder Art Merkin and in the company of over 25 industry executives at a private dinner in Orlando, FL after the Office Furniture Recyclers conference

(L-R: Mason Awtry, Art Merkin)

(Furniture Industry Executives Attend Announcement Dinner)

(L-R: Mark Awtry, President of Office Furniture Center, Art Merkin, and Mason Awtry)


Founded in 2004, Wurkwel Ventures, LLC includes a portfolio of business service organizations that focus on the needs of corporate tenants in transition. Wurkwel consists of a variety of successful businesses that focus on new and used office furniture, relocation and facility services, decommissioning, liquidation, and industry technology.

Wurkwel Ventures’ portfolio of businesses and brands are made up of Rightsize FacilityOffice Furniture CenterMAC RelocationsChicago Film Furnishings, and Chicago Commercial Storage, to name a few. 

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