The Ultimate Office Move Checklist

We are extremely organized at Chicago Commercial Storage because our goal is to set all our clients up for success. We want to become an asset to your business and a tool for productivity. We recommend that all our clients make a moving checklist. A moving checklist is a working document that provides an outline of task you need to complete for an office move.

It is important that every office does this when relocating to ensure that an office move is organized. A key focal point of a moving checklist is planning what to pack first for your office move. This checklist will essentially set you up for success.

Office relocations can take longer than one day. Even when an office fully relocates their belongings, you must dedicate separate time to set the office up. Your office check list will mark a plan for success. Down below we have attached a list of what an office should pack first during a move.


What To Pack First During Your Office Move

The smaller items in your office never get as much attention as the bulky items or insured items. It’s common to think that you can pack this as you’re winding up the move. But that’s how things go missing. Therefore, these smaller assets should be on your checklist of items to pack first.

1. Paintings & Plants
The decor in your office is part of the first items you can pack because it’s not something you’ll be looking for or trying to find while you’re moving. To make it easier to redecorate using the decor, label the box for each room.

2. Kitchen Supplies
Although these are necessities, it’s possible to forget them during the madness of moving. So, instead of having to replace your cups and spoons, add them to your checklist. Employees can then bring supplies from home while the move is in progress.

3. Files
Files can take up quite a bit of space and are going to be some of the heaviest smaller assets you will move. If you’re keeping your files for archiving purposes these can be the first items you choose to pack. However, you could also consider transferring them to digital copy during the moving process, if time permits.

4. Office Supplies
If you have quite a large inventory of office supplies and don’t want to donate it, take it along with you. If you work in an office you know how in-demand office supplies are, so you may want to consider leaving a few office supplies out and donating whatever hasn’t been used by moving day.

5. Personal Desk Effects
Be sure your employees have taken their personal effects home with them as the move approaches.

6. Marketing Assets
Anything you’ll take along with you to a convention to set up a booth should be on your list to pack away right away. These aren’t obvious assets but can be some of the most costly of the smaller assets. If you forget to pack them, you’ll have to fork out another few thousand to get professional marketing assets.

While it can be tempting to consider packing some furniture or IT equipment, it’s best to leave this to your professional Chicago movers. Although replacing a broken coffee cup is cheap and easy, damage to larger or more essential items isn’t as easy or as cheap to replace.

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